Parenting Support Collective in Manchester and Greater Manchester Boroughs swaddled new born baby laid on green hue blankets and bedding

Week One

The Fourth Trimester

What Is It?

At the beginning, the team will introduce the course and what the general themes will be throughout the next six weeks. As part of our parenting support in Manchester, the Fourth Trimester is then explained and opened up, to be led by you. All families will be given the opportunity to take a Stretchy sling wrap and keep it for the duration of the course. The basics of using this wrap and sling safety will be discussed.

At the end of the first session there will be an opportunity to set up a private Facebook group and/ or WhatsApp group to join if you wish.


 No matter your background, get in touch today through our contact form, by calling us on 07495 731 317 or, if you prefer, send us an email at to get involved.



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