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We know that not everyone has a sling and, as a part of our parenting support in Manchester, we're here to hook you up with one that suits you, is comfy and does the job you need it to do. You can order slings through us, at a discounted price, rather than getting one directly from a retailer. We also sell preloved slings, so we can help the environment as well as you!



Parenting Support Collective in Manchester and Greater Manchester Boroughs mother and baby in funky patterned red and black sling

Brands We Can Order

(or have preloved)


      Ergo baby  




  Sleepy Nico


Lenny Lamb

  Joy & Joe

  Close Caboo


Draco Mom



You can check out our MyTurn site where all our available stock is listed

 If you're not looking to buy new, then we may well have preloved slings from many of these brands, so please enquire for new or preloved options by filling out our form below and we'll be in touch!


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