Parenting Support Collective Manchester Greater Manchester Boroughs
Parenting Support Collective Manchester Greater Manchester Boroughs

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When we started The Parenting Collective, we felt left out. We were just three friends, all with young families, and we never felt like we had a place we could turn to for support. We wanted to create an environment where women in the same situation as we were could come and feel safe, bringing their children, their families and their great many questions with them. There are always so many! This is completely normal. Our parenting support in Manchester is for everyone, regardless of background, because we know that families come in all shapes and sizes. We're here for you as you step into your new role as a parent, backed by our own professional experiences as peer supporters and babywearing educators, so you can step forward in the confidence that you're stepping in the right direction.

What We Do

We're so passionate about supporting our communities. We run our Sling Library support sessions, where we help you learn how to babywear safely and comfortable. We run our ever-popular Fourth Trimester support groups, better known as our “Cake for Breakfast” Club, with emotional, practical and culinary support as you make your way into motherhood. We also offer private consultation, workshops as well as fundraising and signposting for new and vulnerable families, whilst working closely with local health authorities and groups. We are professional babywearing educators and also offer training for professionals who are looking to offer the same services as we provide.

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Sling Library | Cake For Breakfast Club

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Meet The Founders

Parenting Support Collective in Manchester and Greater Manchester Boroughs Lydia Manchester Babywearing Consultant carrying her second child in a Tula Mason Preschool Carrier


“Hi! I'm Lydia and I live in Whalley Range with my husband and two young children. I am one of the Directors at the collective.

I am a Babywearing Consultant and I am in charge of all the outreach projects we run. I have a background in Psychology, as well as Counselling. I have worked supporting children and families in various capacities over the past 17 years and use this knowledge and experience to help facilitate our support groups.

I'm so passionate about Babywearing and the impact it has had in our lives as well as the people I meet on a day-to-day basis. Becoming a Carrying Educator has deepened my knowledge and enables me to continue to spread Babywearing joy far and wide, focusing on inclusion for all.”

Kirsty Manchester Babywearing Consultant carrying her fourth child in a Kahu sling


“I'm Kirsty and I live in Radcliffe with my husband and my four small children. I am one of the Directors of the Collective and I completed my peer supporter training with Dr Rosie Knowles, before going on to complete my Babywearing Consultancy with Slingababy.

Babywearing is a huge lifeline in my house. We still regularly carry all our children and I continue to carry our youngest almost daily.

I am a Breastfeeding Counsellor with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and now also work for the Infant Feeding team at my local hospital.

Before starting the sling library, I gained a degree in Communication and Linguistics in British Sign Language and take every opportunity I can to keep my sign skills polished. I love teaching my children how to use the language!"

Katy Manchester Babywearing Consultant carrying her third child in a Lenny lamb sling


"Hi! I'm Katy and I'm one of the Directors of The Parenting Collective CIC. I'm a Babywearing Peer Supporter soon to be a Babywearing Consultant! I'm also a Registered Midwife working within the NHS. 

I live in Heaton Chapel, Stockport with my lovely Husband and our three crazy children, Joseph, Eliza and Benjamin. 

I love Babywearing and have worn each of my babies in slings and carriers right from the early days. It's been such an amazing learning curve and it's been a wonderful parenting tool. Attending sling library sessions meant I met other families within my community and I've made lifelong friends. And now it's opened up a whole new career path for me!



Local Parent & Baby Groups

Mama and Me- Babywearing Dance & Mindfulness

Wren Yoga

Baby Sensory


Sling Library Directory

Download our sling library directory to find a session with one of our babywearing educators near you today!

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We're so proud to partner with these vital companies, who we work closely with as we empower new families as they step into parenthood.


Safety Information

Nothing's more important to us than the safety of our wearers and of their children. Have a look at this safety info, provided by professional babywearing educators.

Download Sling Safety



 Parenting Support Collective in Manchester and Greater Manchester Boroughs smiling mother and baby in back sling taking a selfie

Whether you're a new parent or an experienced one who's lost track of how many little ones there are tearing through her home, we're always happy to welcome you to our support structure with open arms and cake. Get in touch through our contact form to find out more about what we do or head to our booking site to get in on the next session!


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