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The Greater Manchester Parenting Collective CIC has been set up for families and especially for new parents/carers, with the aim of providing parenting support in Manchester for people from all backgrounds. We’re so looking forward to welcoming you, no matter who you are, what background you come from. Our new parent support is open to everyone! Come and get involved, where you’ll learn how to safely carry your child, as well as getting involved with our “Cake for Breakfast Club” Fourth trimester support group, where we’ll support you in navigating the journey ahead of you in a relaxed, fun environment!

In A Nutshell

Like cake and a brew?

If you’re a new family getting to grips with life with a baby then, no doubt, you’ll need some! Come along to this completely FREE 6-week new parent support group, set up specifically for new families who have made their way through birth and are now stepping into a new stage of their lives. This group is all about inclusion – creating a non-judgmental, safe space where you can feel at home and relax completely.

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Who Runs It?

Head to our About Us page to find out more about these wonderful women!



The course lead, with a background in psychology and counselling and mum to two wonderful kids. Drawing on 16 years of experience in supporting children and families.




A professional midwife and mum to three beautiful children, Katy acts as peer supporter for the course with understanding and encouragement.



We’re proud to work with a variety of expert guests from the Manchester Psychological Team, as well as our friend Kirsty, one of our founders, who is a trainee breastfeeding councillor and who will be running our baby-wearing support sessions.

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We’re so proud to hear that the new parent support we provide for people across the city is having an impact. The whole reason we started this service was because we didn’t feel we could find the right support ourselves, so we’re so proud to think that the work we do is having an impact! 



Cake for breakfast: the group and especially the WhatsApp group has honestly been my salvation over the last year, it’s been invaluable meeting likeminded women, open about their feelings and struggles and supporting each other. I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without it




There is no greater encouragement anyone can receive than words like these. We’re so grateful!




  Who can attend the course?

As we love to say, we’re open to absolutely everyone. Your whole family is welcome to the sessions if you don’t want to come alone.

  Do I have to be a new parent?

Not at all! Whether you’re expecting your first child or your seventh, we can always benefit from the experience of the people around us.

  What if I can’t attend the whole course?

That’s okay by us! Just turn up when you can and you’ll be welcomed.

  Can you run a group near me?

We are looking to host in other areas, please email if you have a suggestion!


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If you need new parent support, guidance or a shoulder as you make your way into this stage of life, we, along with these fantastic foundations, are always here to lend a hand. Get in touch through the enquiries form on our home page and let’s move forward together!


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