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The Greater Manchester Parenting Collective is a diverse, open and welcoming group of experienced women looking to provide parenting support in Manchester, as well as guidance for new parents/carers and new families as they make their way through the first steps of parenting and beyond! We were founded by three friends, all new mothers themselves, who found that the support they needed when they had children just wasn’t there. There was no one to talk to, nobody to understand what they were going through, nowhere they could go to meet people in the same situation as them. Not anymore! The Greater Manchester Sling Library is here for you, helping you navigate birth and grow in confidence as you welcome your little one into the world.


What is the Greater Manchester Sling Library?

The sling library in Manchester is comprised of a whole host of different babywearing slings. We offer sling-wearing support, delivered by certified babywearing consultants and peer supporters. You can come with your own sling, if you’re just after babywearing advice and support, or we can show you how to use one of our slings, with the option to hire it for a time at the end.

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What The Sling Library In Manchester Offers

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Sling Library Drop-In Sessions

  • This is a 15–20-minute appointment at The Greater Manchester Sling Library with one of our trained consultants, in a COVID safe venue.
  • You will have the option to have a quick fit check in your own carrier (support with your own carrier is £6) or try on a carrier form a choice of two, after which, you will have the option to hire.
  • Please be aware that back carrying and advanced woven wear are NOT covered in a drop-in session. Please book on to a 1-1 consultation or a group workshop if you’d like to learn these techniques!


One-To-One Consultations

  • A more in-depth session, tailored specifically for you and your child’s needs.
  • You will work with a consultant to try out a variety of different babywearing techniques, specific to your individual needs and requirements.
  • The session will take place in your own home, with one of our enthusiastic team coming to you at a time that suits you.


Contact us through our contact form at the bottom of the page for more information and fees!



Group Workshops

You will learn, at the sling library in Manchester, to develop a specific skill or gain knowledge on a carrying style in a 2-hour session, within a group setting, where all questions are welcome as we learn and grow together.


We offer peer support training for individuals or companies wanting to learn safe baby wearing techniques within their lifestyles, at home, at work or out and about.




Sling Guide

When it comes to choosing the right sling for you, there are so many options, it can make your head ache!

Have a look at this handy guide for all the info you could need.

Guide To Slings


  The Greater Manchester Sling Library is always open for a chat. Please get in touch with us for more information about our 1 to 1 consultations, workshops, group training, working with us or anything other advice and support we can provide!


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Who Runs The Sling Library?

Head to our About Us page to learn more about these beautiful, passionate women!



Lead Babywearing Consultant




Babywearing Consultant


Current Volunteers

Shelly & Rhianwyn



Sling Library FAQs

Where can I get information about sessions?

Please visit our booking site: The Greater Manchester Sling Library CIC

What happens at a session?

A session at the sling library in Manchester is comprised of a 20-minute slot with a Babywearing consultant or Peer supporter, to support you with your own sling, or to try one of two carriers that we’ll demonstrate.

If you require more in-depth advice or wish to learn skills with woven wraps or back carrying then please book on to one of our workshops or a 1-2-1 consultation.

N.B We are unable to show “back carrying” in a library session.

Do you offer any other services?

We offer infant feeding support and run Fourth Trimester support groups known as the “Cake for Breakfast” Club.

What if I want help with my own sling?

We charge £6 for fit checks and support with your own sling, we accept cash or card payments for this.

How Much does it cost to hire a sling?

STRETCHIE/ CLOSE CABOO (criteria applies)

FREE for 4 weeks


£28 - 4 weeks

£35 - 6 weeks

Additional 2 weeks charged at £14

The Greater Manchester Sling Library also has accessories, such as babywearing covers, that can be hired for a small fee, too. Just ask about them at one of our sessions!

How can I connect with you on a project?

Please email Lydia at: