Our Sessions

Like cake and a brew? If you’re a new family getting to grips with life with a baby then, no doubt, you’ll need some! Come along to this completely FREE 6-week new parent support group, set up specifically for new families who have made their way through birth and are now stepping into a new stage of their lives.


Week One - The Fourth Trimester

The team will introduce the course - as part of our parenting support in Manchester, the Fourth Trimester is then explained and opened up, to be led by you.  more  

Week Two - Unpacking Birth Trauma

Our parenting support in Manchester is here to help you deal with birth – it can be a traumatic experience. So we have ensured our course is a safe and non-judgemental space.  more  

Week Three - Feeding

Kirsty is a Peer supporter, training to be a Breastfeeding Counsellor and, as part of our parenting support in Manchester, will initiate the session in an open and non-biased way.  more  

Week Four - Safe Babywearing

You are so welcome to attend our Sling library drop-in session, as a part of our parenting support in Manchester. Here, you can gain more in-depth knowledge of how to use a sling.  more  

Week Five - Mental Health & Wellbeing

This session, as part of our parenting support in Manchester, focuses on general perinatal mental health, with the team giving a very brief introduction of our own experiences.  more  

Week Six - Social Meetup

Rather than our traditional parenting support in Manchester, we meet up either at the session's usual location or at a local café or pub, have a drink together and reflect.  more